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"Are you lost?" 
'And you are?”

"Who are you?"
"I don’t think we’ve met."
"How old are you?"
"How long have you been there?"
"Can I trust you?"
"Who do you think you are?"

"Are you wearing my clothes…?"
"You’re cute." 

"Would you like to go on a date with me?"
"People are watching."

"Be Careful!"
"Help me!"

"I’ve got bad news." 
"Hate to  break it to you.. but ___ is dead." 
"I will never forgive you."
"I’m sorry…"
"Why are you so angry?" 

"Just kill me!"
"This is where it ends."
"Stay close!"
"Watch it!"
"Why don’t you hate me?!" 
"You can’t just give up… not now!"




"… If you say so, though you did fall just now. I am alright myself"

"I’ve no clue what you’re talking about, dear."


Sitting up, she rubbed her head gingerly, looking towards her fellow snake with a rather kind smile. “You’re doing alright, mm…? That’s wonderful to hear, darling. Has anything specifically lovely happened to you as of late?”

She blinked a bit confused as to why the other was attempting to pretend they didn’t fall. “Ah I do not believe so,”




She walked a bit closer after noticing the other had fallen. leaning down a little, “Are you alright?” 


"Perfect, of course!" Perhaps if she acted normal, she could downplay any embarrassing parts of the situation. "Yourself?"

"… If you say so, though you did fall just now. I am alright myself"